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Experience Smooth Skin with S.S.C. Treatment

The best way to be hairless and free is to try out Musee's S.S.C. Treatment! You'll receive treatment from top to toe including all hard or overlook areas on your body.

MUSEE’s Promises

No Hidden Costs

No extra charges, annual fees or other products. What you pay is what you get.

Free Consultation

To discuss your needs and concerns before treatment.

Professional and
Well-trained Staff

Our staff is well-trained in operating our equipment and treating customers with respect.

No Solicitation or
Pushy Sales

We only specialize in hair removal and won’t push you into trying other courses like skincare. 

Who We Are

MUSEE, Malaysia’s leading Hair Removal salon, provides its customers with beauty and peace of mind through its reliable hair removal treatments. With over 20 outlets in Asia, the brand caters exclusively to women and promises safe and long-lasting results.

All our salon staff works full-time and are fully trained before they join the outlet. They are only allowed to work with customers after acquiring high levels of skills.

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Why choose us

MUSEE has the highest rate of customer satisfaction. Approximately half of our clients come to us because they have been recommended by a friend. We are committed to ongoing improvements to our services to ensure that our clients trust us enough to continue recommending us.


All our salons are under the same management from Japan, meaning that we can provide a consistent service regarding our customer service and technology. We provide high-quality hair removal to women around the world at a reasonable cost.

IPL hair removal treatment

Why Choose Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C.) Hair Removal?

With our unique and innovative technology, Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C) Hair Removal is the PAIN-FREE* solution to hair removal! S.S.C. treatment guarantees a gentle and safe effect on your skin in comparison to other hair removal methods such as waxing or plucking. We deliver treatment in a fuss free and flexible approach. Nothing beats getting hair removal done at Musee Platinum Tokyo. After all, we’re Malaysia’s leading hair removal solution!

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Proven and tested safe

armpit hair removal treatment


Improves skin texture

Beautiful young woman is caring of her body


Noticeable results within 6 sessions

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Saves time in the long run

Years Experiences
Outlet in Asia

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Our professionally-trained team will be more than happy to answer your questions, provide advice and offer insights.


Why should I choose professional hair removal over at-home methods?

Professional hair removal is more beneficial because it utilises better equipment and well-trained people. It is safer, more efficient, and lasts longer than at-home treatments thus minimizing skin reactions and re-growth of hair.

Do you use the latest technology and techniques for hair removal?

Yes, we employ the best and most modern IPL hair removal (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, as well as effective and painless hair removal methods. We constantly monitor and improve our methods to get the best possible results.

Is IPL hair removal safe for all skin types and hair colours?

IPL hair removal is relatively safe for all skin types and hair colours. However, results may vary. First and foremost, our specialists determine your skin and hair condition to guarantee that the procedure won’t cause any harm to your health and will be efficient at the same time.

Which body parts are suitable for IPL hair removal treatment?

IPL hair removal is suitable for almost any part of the body such as the arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, chest, back, neck, face and so on. We customise our treatments depending on your requirements for the best results.

How many sessions are typically required for noticeable results with IPL hair removal?

A majority of people notice skin improvements within 4-6 sessions. However, the number of sessions depends on the hair type, colour, and growth phase of the hair. Our specialists will suggest the tailored treatment that is most appropriate in your case.


Based on 456 reviews
dragon warrior
dragon warrior
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very helpful and generous staff, they explained about the precautions, customer’s expectations and outcomes comprehensively. no hard selling, very comfortable consultation process. highly recommended!!!
nor asilah abd ghafar
nor asilah abd ghafar
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1st time datang, just for consultation.. Staff is very friendly.. Hope the treatment goes well
Aryssa Fahmy
Aryssa Fahmy
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Excellent service
Jasvinder Jasvin
Jasvinder Jasvin
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Eirene is very friendly staff
Ethan Wong
Ethan Wong
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Very good service
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Nur Amalina Razak
Nur Amalina Razak
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Good explanation regarding the treatment