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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how JIN SDN. BHD. (hereinafter called “the Company”) use personal information collected on the website managed by the Company.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company may ask customers to provide personal information during the following circumstances

  • Booking of services
  • Customer survey and collection of customer requirements and opinions regarding the services
  • Others

The information you provide is used to improve the services, fulfill your specific request, and for other legitimate purposes. This information is only used for purposes previously communicated to you, unless permission is given to the company to use it in another manner.

2. Management of Personal Information

Unless required by law and with your permission, the Company will not provide or share customer information with third parties. The Company takes serious and appropriate security measures to safeguard your personal information from leakage, loss, or unauthorized alterations. Staff members of the Company are trained and supervised to keep customer information confidential and secure.

There is a requirement by third party companies who commissioned the ad to save cookies in this website for their viewing purposes as well as for the collection of statistical information of this site. Use of the information which has been collected would be according to the privacy policies of each third party company.

A cookie is for the purpose of record keeping of entries and usage history, which refers to the information a web site transfers to your computer. However, personal information is not included or captured. If cookies are allowed in your browser settings, websites will be able to get cookies from your browser. Website settings can be changed to reject cookies. Websites may have certain limitations of usage if your cookie settings are set to disabled.

The cookies that are collected on this site are intended to be used for the purpose of delivering appropriate ads to you. Personal information is not collected.

For more information and description of the use of cookies, as well as the procedures for opting-out (e.g. disabling of cookies; to stop the delivery of certain advertising services), please refer to the following website:

Even after invalidating the cookies, the service itself of this site would still be available.

3. Terms of Use

The Company strives to maintain timeliness and accuracy of information posted on this website or those information handled by the Company. The copyright of all contents posted on this website shall belong to the Company and other related companies. The information is protected by the copyright laws of the respective countries, regulations, and other laws.

Private use of personal information or the use (duplication / modification / distribution) of such information for purposes other than those approved by the copyright law requires prior permission from the Company.

Any action that is disadvantageous or incurs damages to a third party or the Company, any action that offends or may offend public order and morals, and profit-oriented activities are strictly prohibited.

4. Changes in Contents and Terms of Use

The Company shall reserve the right to change the contents and terms of use on this website without prior notice. The Company may also postpone, cancel, or terminate any services posted on this website without prior notice.

5. Disclosure, Amendment, and Termination of Usage of Personal Information

The Company shall accede to customer requests to disclose, amend, or terminate the usage of personal information. However, the Company may not be able to accede to such requests if they do not satisfy legal requirements, and if a period of time has lapsed since the last use of customer information by the Company.

5. Disclaimer

Customers shall bear responsibility for the use and browsing of this website. The Company and other related parties involved in the creation and hosting of this website shall not be held responsible for any and all damages arising from the use or access of the website.